0-6 Pack Abs Bonus

In this post I want to talk about the 0-6 Pack Abs bonus that Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Veghar are giving away. Oh, did I say bonus? I meant to say bonuses because Tyler and James decided to give away two fast action bonuses, but you better act fast because they are only available for today!


I just found out about this which is why I’m posting it on the website. As I told you earlier one of the goals of this website is to provide you the most up to date news regarding this ab workout program. So let’s take a look at the first 0-6 Pack Ab Bonus.

Limited Fast Action 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus

The first action bonus is 3 High Quality Follow-Along Bodyweight Workouts. If you haven’t looked into bodyweight exercises I highly recommend you do. This ab training program works great with bodyweight exercises which is one of the reasons Tyler Bramlett AKA The Garage Warrior decided to add these 3 workouts as a bonus. 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus

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This 0-6 Pack Ab Bonus features 3 9-12 minute video workouts which start at beginner and end at advanced. If you combine these with the workouts in the 0-6 Pack Abs program you’ll going to find that you can supercharge your progress and really shrink your waist.

As I mentioned Tyler is throwing in another 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus so let’s take a look at that one right now

0-6 Pack Abs Bonus #2 is called The 72 Hour Guy Inflammation Solution. This bonus actually hits close to home for me as I used to have a serious problem with this. I discovered after years of struggling with it that the foods I ate we’re triggering my issue although it can be different for each person.

In this 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus Tyler is giving away a step by step blueprint that walks you by the hand through a 3 day (3-Phase) guy shrinking protocol. This bonus can be used when you’re in a bind and need a near instant solution to shrinking your waistin 72 hours or less. 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus

Once again, this fast action bonus works perfectly with the 0-6 Pack Abs workout program. So when you combine the main program with these fast action bonuses you’re going to serious shrink that guy and get a toned, powerful, ripped core.

As I mentioned these 0-6 Pack Abs Bonus items are fast action and ONLY available for today! So if you want to get these two bonuses I highly recommend you jump on it now.

Click Here To Grab These Two Fast Action Bonus Items Now Before Their Gone