0-6 Pack Abs – 3 Tips To See Your Abs For The First Time

0-6 Pack Abs by Tyler Bramlett is being released on Tuesday, July the 7th and to kick things off early I wanted to hook you up with an article. In this article I’m going to share 3 Tips To See Your Abs For The First Time.

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0-6 Pack Abs It’s summer and that means the hot rays of the sun are out to play and you’re either excited about pulling off your shirt/grabbing your favorite bikini OR you’re not happy with the way your body looks and you’re looking for every excuse to stay indoors.

If you’re confident with the way your body looks then read no more. However, if you’re the second person sporting a year round beer gut or muffin top, always hiding away and afraid to sport what you’ve got then this article is for you.

That’s because I’m about to teach you 3 POWERFUL tips to help you see your abs for the very first time! 0-6 Pack Abs will go much deeper, but in the meantime lets dig in…

0-6 Pack Abs Tip #1 – Don’t Listen To The Mainstream Trends Or Local Fitness “Guru’s”

I’ve been in this game for a long time and I can tell you one thing confidently… The mainstream ab training gizmos and your local “bro science” trainers do NOT know the right way to train your abs for a slimmer waistline and a strong core.

In fact, the research from world renowned spine health expert Dr. Stuart McGill says:

“Herniation (posterior and posterior-lateral regions of the annulus) occurred with relatively modest joint compression but with highly repetitive flexion/extension moments. Increased magnitudes of axial compressive force resulted in more frequent and more severe disc injuries.”

Reference: Callaghan, J.P., and McGill, S.M. (2001) Intervertebral disc herniation: Studies on a porcine model exposed to highly repetitive flexion/extension motion with compressive force. Clin. Biom. 16(1): 28‐37.

0-6 Pack Abs

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I don’t expect you to understand what the above statement means so let me break it down for you… Dr. McGill basically says that repetitive flexion and extension as in exercises like sit-ups and crunches can CAUSE disk herniation in you spine!

That’s crazy, right?

The most popular ab exercises in the world are not only keeping you from slimming your waist and building toned or even 6 pack abs, they’re also potentially hurting you!

Ok, you now know you should avoid ab gizmos, goofy fitness trends and your local “bro-science” trainers telling you that the more crunches, ab rockers and sit-ups you do the better your waist will look. Which means you must…Let’s move on to the next 0-6 Pack Abs tip.

0-6 Pack Abs Tip #2 – Make Sure You Choose The Correct Exercises

The best way to train your abs is to use exercises that focus on stabilization not mobilization of your core. Let me explain…

Most mainstream fitness folks believe that your ab muscles were designed to help you flex and extend, or rotate from the waist. While these muscles do perform those tasks, the real design of these ab muscles is to stabilize your core NOT move it.

In fact, performing exercises like sit-ups and side-bends can not only wreck your spine as I just showed you above, it can also cause hypertrophy of your vertical running ab muscles making your belly or gut stick out even more!

Obviously this isn’t your goal which is why you have to make sure you choose the right exercises like planks and gymnastic style lying leg raises in order to shrink your waistline, NOT make it grow.

However, the truth is, even the right exercises are worthless if you aren’t able to make sure your core is fully activated. So let’s dive into the next 0-6 Pack Abs tip.

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0-6 Pack Abs Tip #3 – Make Sure Your Core Is Fully Activated

That’s right! You can do all the leg raises and planks you want but if your ab muscles aren’t working properly, you’ll never get the waist slimming results that will leave you confident enough to rip off your shirt or sport that stylish bikini you have sitting in your closet.

So, how do you activate your core muscles and what does that even mean?

Core activation is when all of the muscles of your core work together to create stability for the spine.

To be honest teaching people how to properly activate their core used to be reserved for elite athletes and wealthy physical therapy patients. Until recently when a new friend of mine by the name of Dr. James Vegher created what he calls Core Activation Sequences.

These UNIQUE 0-6 Pack Abs exercises, when strung together have been shown to re-activate all of the muscles of your core leaving you with a shrunken waistline, increased core strength and the confidence to rock the sunshine wearing whatever you like.

0-6 Pack Abs

You can learn more and activate your core using these unique exercises in 0-6 Pack Abs by checking them out at the page below…

Here’s to shrinking you’re muffin top or beer gut and enjoying the sunshine with the new body you desire! Btw, in case you wondering if these Core Activation Sequences are some fad just like crunches and situps, however, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you if I didn’t take a look at the research to back this up.

In fact, Dr. Vegher has nearly 20 years experience and his Core Activation Sequences have helped everyone from pro athletes to 80+ year old men and women to dramatically increase their core strength AND shrink their waistlines. You can learn more about 0-6 Pack Abs by clicking the link below.

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