Tyler Bramlett

I’m a big believer in knowing who is behind a product. In this case I want to take a look at Tyler Bramlett, the creator of 0-6 Pack Abs.

People always talk about the product, the product, the product, but I rarely hear people review the author behind a product and to me that’s the most important part. Think about it for a second….the product is just an extension of  the creator.

Tyler Bramlett 0-6 Pack Abs

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So if the author is credible and knows his stuff the product, in this case 0-6 Pack Abs should provide plenty of value and information which can actually be applied to provide you with results. So let’s take a look at Tyler Bramlett and see if he is credible to teach you how to build a strong and tight core in his new 0-6 Pack Abs program.

Who Is Tyler Bramlett

Some of you may know him as The Garage Warrior. Tyler Bramlett runs one of the most successful fitness based websites on the internet. Thousands of people come to his website every single day looking for his expertise and insights. He is the author a number of best selling fitness programs ranging from Bodyweight Flow, CT-50 and many more.

Still, that is where Tyler is now, but let’s take a look at where he used to be before he became The Garage Warrior. Back in 2003 Tyler Bramlett was 40 pounds overweight and like most people who are overweight trying to get in shape he was in a rut. You know the rut I’m talking about. The one where you go to the gym everyday, trying out the latest “health” supplements and not seeing many results.

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Tyler was tired of being overweight and like most guys he just wanted to burn some fat and add some nice, lean muscle to the mix. Is that too much to ask? Tyler didn’t know it, but his life was about to change is some really unexpected ways.

Tyler Bramlett has always enjoyed riding his bike home from work and when I say Bike I mean a bicycle. (Tyler wasn’t a bad ass like he is now at this point haha) As he was riding along like any other day a SUV came out of nowhere and hit him from the side. Once the SUV smashed into Tyler he slamed to the ground and he was flooded with pain that was coming from his knee!

Tyler has said in a few interviews that this was some of the worst pain he’s ever felt!

The ambulance eventually arrived on the scene and rushed him to the hospital. This is the day everything changed for him as they advised him that he was going to need surgery for his knee. It turns out he had a dislocated kneecap and on top of that he had a cracked femur and shredded meniscus.

Tyler Bramlett 0-6 Pack Abs

The first thing Tyler thought was that he was going to end up in a wheelchair and how was he going to get the results he wanted in a wheelchair? Life just didn’t seem to want him to get in shape.

After the surgery things we’re okay but Tyler had to go to physical therapy and recovery for 6 months. It was a challenge, but at least he was alive. During some point, I’m not sure of the exact date, but I do know Tyler tried to head back to the gym with the hope that he could keep moving forward with his goal to get into shape.

As you can guess this didn’t happen…yet!

Days turned into weeks and it seemd every single exercise he was doing was making his body hurt worst and worst. So this got Tyler thinking….

Is the way he’s exercising right now really the right way?
Is there a safer way to exercise which is more effective?
Should I really listen to these so called mainstream experts?

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Tyler Bramlett Got The Answers To His Questions

Tyler continued to think about these questions and eventually he actually received some answers. Tyler had a friend who was also his training partner and he had stumpled upon some information which would change both of their lives in ways they never expected.

It wasn’t some ancient text or wise words from a monk…it was a simple book about bodyweight exercises which changed everything for Tyler.

Tyler became attached to this book and he read it from cover to cover. He practiced every single exercise in the book which were all exercises that have been around for centuries and they worked. He noticed that doing these exercises didn’t produce the same amount of pain and as he progressed things got easier and easier.

Within a couple of weeks Tyler Bramlett was feeling better, stronger, pain free, a lot more flexiable and the best part of all of this was his belly fat was just melting away. He was doing everything the mainstream had said not to do and he was getting amazing results.

Seeing all this success lit a match in his brain and Tyler Bramlett wanted to know more and more. So this started his journey.

Eventually this search led him to Pavel Tsatsouline who is crazy good with Kettlebells. Pavel is ex soviet special forces and knows his stuff. He is one of the leading experts in mobility, flexibility, bodyweight strength and especially an expert in Kettlebell.

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In case you’re sort of new to all of this the Kettlebell is a very odd exercise tool. It tends to look like a big cannonball with a handle on it so you can grib it. It’s a very effective tool for building muscle and plays a big part in bodyweight exercises.

Tyler Bramlett learned a ton from Pavel, but like any man on a mission he wanted to learn more. So in 2005 he flew to Minnesota to attend what is known as the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification. Tyler had never been around so many masters of Kettlebell before.

He learned a lot and realized he wanted to learn more about Kettlebell and really become a part of the community. So in 2007 Tyler Bramlett aka The Garage Warrior was invited to serve asan assistant coach at one of the certifcation events.

Tyler BramlettHe continued to learn and soak up all the information he could, but sometimes you have to move on to keep your journey going and so this is when he met up with world class performing strongman Dennis Rogers.

It’s at this time that he decided to sign up for his oldtime strongman university course which was locatedin Texas. Tyler continued to learn about feats of strength and within that weekend he learn more than some people discover in a lifetime.

Tyler learned about building world class grip strength and he was able to perform various feats of strength which included bending steel, tearing cards, breaking chains and all that other superhuman stuff.

So after two years of practicing kettlebells and learning from Dennis Tyler decided it was time to move on again and continue his journey.

The Journey For Tyler Bramlett Continues

This is when he met Jim Schmitzl. He traveled to San Francisco to train with Jim who was a legendary olympic lifting coach.

Jim has a really simple approach to olympic lifting which was really down to earth and fun and it made Tyler realize how each coach he has learned from during his journey was a master of their craft. Without truly knowing it Tyler had learned from best in all the fields that interested in. Although at some point he decided why not learn more?

Tyler BramlettSince that time he has worked with Jean-Luc Martin, not the captain of the enterprise who was a former Circue Du Soliel athelete and helped him with his handbalancing skills.

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Tyler Bramlett Helps Thousands Through His Website

Tyler Bramlett has been a student for long, but eventually he decided he needed to do his own thing and that is when he created GarageWarrior.

A website decicated to helping people reach their fitness goals. It took him years to get where he is at, but through hard work and a true passion for learning he has become a master of his craft as well.

In addition, Tyler has a number of professional accreditations which include:

  • Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor (RKC)
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS)
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certified

So is Tyler Bramlett qualified to teach you? The answer is obviously yes! Thousands of people come to his site every single day just to hear what he has to say and watch his daily video workouts. So if anyone can help you get that toned, six pack core than Tyler Bramlett can with 0-6 Pack Abs. Oh and here are a few cool videos from Tyler Bramlett for your enjoyement. These are really just random videos, but I thought it would be fun to share them.

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